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[Engineer Susan]You're going to get started on designing the satellite now. As you work on each step of the engineering design process, your progress will appear at the top of your screen. Clicking on a step in the Progress Bar will let you link back to that step if you want to review your work.

But back to your satellite. Here's the first thing you have to do:

Step 1:
Identify the problem.

Engineers don't design things and then see if anybody wants to use them. If they did, there would be a lot of creations that no one wants to have. Instead, researchers study the market (the people who might want what's going to be designed - in this case, a satellite) to find out what they want and need.

Here are some problems that our market researchers have found. They need to be solved using some sort of satellite. You can work on one of these problems, or you can think yourself of a problem that people want and need solved by satellite.

Choose the problem you want solved by clicking on the file folder. Or, choose the continue button at the bottom of the screen if you're going to design a satellite of your own. That would be really helpful and interesting too. If you want some ideas, click here to learn about some satellites that have already been designed. Good luck!

File Folder1. Design a satellite to study Titan, one of Saturn's moons. It's the only planetary body besides the Earth that has a substantial atmosphere.
File Folder2. Canadian peacekeepers in remote areas have trouble receiving their orders, which puts them in danger. Because they're in a remote area, they also feel isolated and lonely. Design a satellite to help them to communicate.
File Folder3. Create a storm-chaser satellite. People need to know if a twister is about to destroy their home!
File Folder4. Extreme sports are becoming very popular. People who climb faraway mountains, cross oceans alone, or travel to the Antarctic need ways to keep in touch and get help if they're in danger. Design a satellite that will help keep these extreme sport enthusiasts safe.
File Folder5. The greenhouse effect is causing global warming. Help the Earth by designing a satellite to measure the effect of melting polar ice caps on the Earth's oceans.
Remember - only click on the continue button if you're going to design a satellite of your own. Otherwise, click on a file folder to choose a problem to solve.[Continue button]